ADASA Inc. RFID Innovation

Clarke McAllister, ADASA Founder

About Our Company

ADASA Inc. develops intellectual property and solutions using radio frequency identification (RFID). Brick & mortar retailers are building store-based online order fulfillment solutions. A key technology requirement is to have accurate store-level inventory and "available to promise" data. That requires efficient and accurate inventory counts, preferably on a daily basis. RFID-reading robots are under development which automatically perform that function without incurring errors or labor costs.

All of this requires RFID tags with globally unique serial numbers that are based on GS1 standards and ADASA U.S. Patent Numbers 8,228,198, 9,272,805 B2, and 9,798,967. Goods not already tagged at the source can easily be tagged in-store using ADASA RFID tag encoders.

In July 2006 ADASA shipped its first mobile encoder. We have provided RFID tag encoding for the world's largest retailers for fast in-store tagging.

ADASA RFID tag encoders use a barcode scanner and automatically formulate the EPC SGTIN data that is needed for retail and supply chain applications.